Jillian Michaels tried to show her tough side on this season’s newest episode of the Biggest Losers. But it only took a few minutes before she was almost a crying person when dealing with the biggest man on the show. But she still looks really good in her clothes from workouts!

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Jillian Michaels Red Top

One Response to Jillian Michaels Still a Big Baby

  1. Latosha F. says:

    I do not know Ms. Lohan or Mr. Gibson. Based on headlines and blurbs I understand there is turmoil in their lives. I hope they get through it, as any of us have to “get through” whatever we face in life. Mr. Gibson reportedly said some racist things and may have physically hurt his former lady friend. The Tea Party said some racist things and appear as the type of people who would choose violence over reason if they felt threatened (witness the dude with the gun at last year’s town hall, witness the tree of liberty talk). I am more concerned about bigots posturing legitimacy than actors whose veneer falls away and reveals common human frailty. I am more concerned about the rabid lying Right than the seeming immature young lady who possibly lacks real love and appears surrounded by hanger-on’s and enablers.

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