Shakira Facebook VideoShakira will be debuting her new video, ‘Give It Up to Me’, Monday, November 16th at 3:00 PM EST on her Facebook page. ‘Give It Up to Me’ is produced by Timbaland and features rap mogul Lil Wayne. It is taken from Shakira’s upcoming album ‘She Wolf’ which will be released November 27th in the U.S. Below is a sneak peek at the video:

Shakira 8x10 photo P0263
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3 Responses to Shakira to Debut New Video on Facebook

  1. Aracelis Eastep says:

    Shakira’s World Cup track thoroughly rocks. I have kept singing it all day. It doesn’t matter to me that an international star instead of South African performer is singing the official song as South Africa has plenty of chances to shine.

  2. Abella the bag says:

    I hope you will keep updating your content constantly as you have one dedicated reader here.

  3. Gebhart Hecknut says:

    It’s probably the same people who are all gaga over that damn cat who lost his face. What’s so great about a cat with no face? Nothing, if you ask me. I guess it’s something that he can write his own blog with only three legs, but I’ve read it and it’s not that impressive.

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