James S. Fell characterized Jillian Michaels as a fraud in a guest column he wrote for the Los Angeles Times earlier this week. “She’s an actress playing the role of fitness trainer on TV and in a line of popular DVDs.”

Fell wrote this in reference to Jillian’s new kettle bell workout DVD, “Shred-It With Weights,” in which Fell says Jillian displays “poor technique and unsafe training practices.”

The Biggest Loser’s Jillian Michaels fired back and says she plans “to pursue the Los Angeles Times aggressively” for failure to “do their due diligence” before publishing a recent column eviscerating her credentials.

Oh sounds good and she still has the guns!

Jillian Michaels Smile

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2 Responses to LA Times Column Calls Jillian Michaels a Fraud

  1. Denise W says:

    I dont think of her as a fraud. I have bought a workout dvd it will kick your a_ _.
    She looks great,Seems as if she is a total health freak. Jillian, keep up the good work.

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