A shopping center in Madrid, Spain erected this giant Pac-Man Christmas tree. The sides of the Christmas tree display an animated Pac-Man game.

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Pac-Man Christmas Tree Pac-Man Christmas Tree Pac-Man Christmas Tree Pac-Man Christmas Tree

Restored Ms. PacMan Arcade Machine, Upgraded
Bid: $1,200.00 (0 Bid)
Time Left: 11h 59m
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Ms. Pacman Non Jamma Arcade Game PCB Boardset
Bid: $10.50 (2 Bids)
Time Left: 15h 25m
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Bid: $25.00 (0 Bid)
Time Left: 1d 0h
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2 Responses to Pac-Man Christmas Tree

  1. Buyer Carolers says:

    PAC-MAN is really a popular game especially amongst those early gamers that set some standards in gaming that today’s games follow. Thanks for posting and very nice Christmas tree…

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