Own an authentic piece of space history. A leftover pouch of Beef Pot Roast from NASA’s Apollo lunar program is currently being auctioned. The next bid is at $520 if you are interested.

The official description from the auction site reads:

Amazingly unappetizing but wholly unique freeze-dried ‘moon food.’ This particular example, labeled “Beef Pot Roast,” measures 2 x 3.5 x .75 and rests within a 5 x 6.5 sealed pouch to which a nozzle is attached. The label also bears the simple heating instructions: “3 oz. hot water. 5-10 minutes.” All of the food was prepared by adding hot or cold water through the nozzle. The food was then squeezed into the mouth through a flat tube stored in the package. Food created for the Apollo missions was preserved through freeze-drying and vacuum-sealing, resulting in a product that kept their nutritional and ‘taste’ qualities.

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NASA Pot Roast Auction NASA Pot Roast Auction

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